13 Must-Have Accessories for Rottweilers

Raising a rottweiler is no different than raising a child. And we all have this urge to provide the best for our babies. So here’s a list of 13 must-have accessories for your rottweiler.

1. Food and Water Bowls


You need to have two bowls for your rottweiler, one for food and the other for water.

Both the bowls should be stable and sturdy. Bowls made of ceramic or stainless steel with a rubber base are usually a good choice.

My Pick: Taglory Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

2. Collar


The collar is one of the most essential accessories for your rottweiler. The use of collars is a common approach to control their movement while on a walk.

Apart from that, it is also the place where the dog tag goes. It proves helpful if your canine gets lost.

Rottweilers are strong and powerful dogs, so the collar needs to be sturdy enough to hold them.

My Pick: Black Rhino.

3. Harness

For the most part, harnesses are protective gear, and they do not strain your canine’s neck or throat. However, if your rottweiler is still a puppy and hasn’t been trained to walk on a leash, then you must go with a harness instead of a collar.

It is perhaps the most secure and agreeable approach to connect your little guy to his leash.

My Pick: Auroth Tactical Training Harness

4. Leash

Another accessory which you must have is a leash.  Rottweilers are energetic dogs. They need regular exercise for their well-being. Walks are an integral part of every dog’s life.

You need a leash to establish control over your Rottie when you are out for a stroll. Now rottweilers are strong and powerful dogs. So you will need a decent quality leash that can withhold their pull.

My Pick: Heavy Duty Large Dog Leash.

5. Muzzle

Rotties have gained notoriety for being both scary and forceful, even though they are friendly. It is most likely because they are guard dogs and are protective of their friends and family.

A muzzle is one of the must-have accessories, particularly if you don’t know how your dog may respond to other’s presence. It will likewise help other people feel comfortable and more settled around your pet.

My Pick: CollarDirect Dog Muzzle

6. Food Storage Container


How you store dog food will decide how long it will stay fresh for your Rottie to gobble up. When you open a sack of canine food, it gradually loses its freshness. Therefore, it is advised to store the food in a sealed container, at a dry spot, ideally away from the light.

An airtight container will also help keep away rodents, bugs, mice, and creepy crawlies from infesting the food. This makes it one of the best food accessories for Rottweilers.

My Pick: Gamma2 Airtight Pet food Container

7. Vehicle Seat Cover

Any dog owner can enormously benefit by using vehicle seat covers when their furry companions are riding along. This accessory limits the amount of pet hair that gets onto your car’s seat.

It will protect your vehicle’s interiors while keeping the seats clean. You should buy covers made with high-quality materials that can withstand canine scratches.

My Pick: 4 in 1 Dog Car Seat Cover.

8. Grooming Accessories

Rottweilers have short fur, which makes grooming relatively easy. While you can pay $50 to $100 per session to a professional dog groomer, it will be much cheaper if you buy all the grooming accessories and do it yourself.

Here are some must-have grooming accessories:

9. Dog House

You need a dog house if your rottweiler sleeps outside of your home. A dog house will keep your Rottweiler out of the brutal sun, rain, or snow.

While picking a dog house, try to choose the correct size. Your Rottweiler should be able to fit well inside with sufficient room to move. Then, you can either build or buy one from amazon.

My Pick: Dog House for Large Dogs.

10. Dog Bed

Whether your rottweiler sleeps outside or inside the house, you need a dog bed. They will cherish having their own comfortable space where they can go when they are cold or sleepy.

My Rottie sleeps in various rooms, so I have 3 beds placed in our study room, bedroom, and dog house. If you have some extra bucks to spend, then buy at least two beds.

My pick: Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed.

11. Chew Toy

Rottweilers love to chew, especially when they are puppies. Puppies, during their teething phase, get a strong urge to chew something. And without chew toys, they may start chewing your furniture.

You must have more than one chew toy for your Rottie. And you will have to keep rotating them to keep them interested.

Get chew toys on Amazon.

12. Artificial Sticks

Sticks are a canine’s dearest companion. Just throw a stick and let them bring it back to you. This simple activity will keep your rottweiler happy as well as healthy.

I used to use wooden sticks found in nature while playing fetch with my Rottie until a splinter lodged inside his mouth.

So I prefer using an artificial stick which is comparatively safer.

My Pick: Petstages Dog Stick

13. Food Puzzle Toys

Food puzzle toys like KONGs are a fantastic way to keep your rottweiler busy for a while. You simply fill the toy with dog food and let your dog struggle to get it out.

It is not only fun for your rottweiler, but it also provides mental stimulation.

My Pick: Kong Toy

Final Thoughts

Above listed products is one of the most essential accessories that every rottweiler owner should have. However, there are a lot more things you can purchase for your companion. Pets can get bored really easily, and bringing something new once in a while can be a delight for your Rottie.

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