All Black Rottweiler (Explained): Pure or Mixed?

Rottweilers are known for their brown and tan spots above their eyes, around their mouth and other parts of their body. But imagine how amazing a complete black rottweiler without any markings would look. But is it even possible? Can Rottweilers be All Black

Rottweilers can have an all black coat without any markings, but it’s quite rare. This all black appearance might come from a genetic mutation, and it’s not considered the breed standard. But an all black Rottweiler is definitely possible and can make for a unique and beautiful pet.

Appearance of All Black Rottweilers

So, have you ever seen a Black Rottie? If not, let me paint a picture for you. A Rottweiler, strong and powerful, but instead of the usual brown markings, the coat is totally black.

Coat and ColorPurely black, thick, and shiny. Lacks the brown or tan markings found in other Rottweilers.
Size and BuildMuscular and robust, with males typically weighing between 95 to 135 pounds. Females weigh slightly less.
Eyes and FaceDark brown eyes with an intense look, black face, and a confident and noble expression.
Tail and EarsStrong tails carried slightly above the hipline, medium-sized triangular ears carried forward.
Grooming NeedsRegular brushing (once a week), plus regular check-ups of ears and teeth to maintain appearance.

Coat and Color

All Black Rottweilers are famous for their stunning black coats. Unlike other Rotties that may have brown or tan markings, an all black rottweiler’s coat is purely black, giving them a unique and beautiful appearance. Their coats are usually thick and shiny, adding to their charm.

Size and Build

Black Rotties are strong and robust dogs. They have a muscular build that makes them look very powerful. Male all black rottweilers typically weigh between 95 to 135 pounds, and females usually weigh slightly less.

Their sturdy appearance often makes them look more intimidating, but their demeanor is often gentle and loving.

Eyes and Face

The black-face rottweiler appearance is another striking feature. Their eyes are usually dark brown and have an intense look, reflecting their intelligence and alertness. Some people find the black Rottweiler’s face to be one of the most attractive features. They often have a confident and noble expression.

Tail and Ears

Black Rottweilers have strong tails that they carry slightly above their hipline. Their ears are of medium size, triangular, and carried forward, which adds to their alert and attentive appearance. Some owners choose to dock the tails, although this practice has become less common.

Here are few things you didn’t know about Black Rottweiler.

Are All-Black Rottweilers Really Pure?

Most people are familiar with the traditional appearance of Rottweilers, which includes black coats with brown or tan markings.

These markings are especially noticeable around the eyes, muzzle, chest, and legs. These rottweiler’s colors are generally considered a sign of a purebred Rottweiler according to official breed standards.

A Solid black Rottweiler, is considered a fault in official breed standards. This means that they don’t meet the specific criteria set by various kennel clubs for the breed’s appearance.

It doesn’t necessarily mean they are not purebred, but it does mean they might not be eligible for show competitions.

The all-black appearance in Rottweilers is often due to a recessive gene. If both parents carry this gene, there’s a possibility that they will produce an all-black rottweiler puppy.

The puppy could still be a purebred Rottweiler, but the all-black coat is a rare and non-standard variation.

For more info, read this article on how to identify a pure bred rottweiler puppy.

How to Know for Sure

If you’re considering getting an all black rottweiler and want to ensure that it’s purebred, checking the dog’s lineage and paperwork is the best way.

Responsible breeders will provide documentation that includes the dog’s family tree, health clearances, and registration with recognized kennel clubs.

Black Rottweilers Vs Standard Rottweilers

Coat Color

The most noticeable difference between Black Rottweilers and other Rottweilers is their coat color. While a Black Rottie has a solid black coat without any other markings, other Rottweilers have black coats with brown or tan markings around the eyes, muzzle, legs, and chest.

Breed Standards

As I mentioned before, the solid black pure black rottweiler doesn’t fit the official breed standards of many kennel clubs. On the other hand, Rottweilers with traditional black and tan markings meet those standards and are often seen in dog shows and competitions.

Personality and Temperament

Here’s where things are pretty much the same. Both Black Rottweilers and other Rottweilers are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and love for their families. They are often excellent guard dogs and can be incredibly gentle with those they trust.

How rare are All Black Rottweilers?

All Black Rottweiler puppies are pretty rare because of the genetics behind their coat color.

They carry a recessive gene for an all-black coat, which means that both parents must have this gene to produce an all black rottweiler puppy. It’s a rare combination that results in this unique appearance.

Many breeders adhere to the standard Rottweiler appearance, with black coats and tan or brown markings.

Since all-black Rottweilers don’t meet the official breed standards for shows and competitions, many breeders don’t specifically aim to produce them. This contributes to their rarity as well.

If you’re looking for an all black rottweiler puppy you might find it more challenging.

They are not as common in shelters, rescues, or with breeders. You might need to do a little more research and connect with breeders who specialize in this unique color variation.

Sometimes, what seems to be an all black Rottweiler might actually be a very dark Rottweiler with faint tan or brown markings. Proper identification requires a close examination, so even if you think you’ve found one, it might not be a true all-black variant.

Health and Care

Black Rottweilers can face similar health problems as other Rottweilers, such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, certain heart conditions, and specific types of cancers.

Some believe that the gene responsible for the all-black coat might be associated with other health issues, but this theory isn’t widely accepted or proven. Regular veterinary check-ups are vital for early detection and management of these health concerns.

Working closely with a vet and following a proper diet, exercise, and care routine can help in maintaining the overall health and well-being of an All Black Rottweiler.

Final Thoughts

If you have an All Black Rottweiler or know someone who does, what has your experience been with their health? Feel free to comment down below, and if you liked this information, don’t forget to like this video or subscribe to the channel!