13 Fun Ways to Exercises your Rottweiler

The Rottweilers are big and strong working dogs. They were bred to herd cattle and dragged butchered meat carts to the market in Germany.

Because of their history of being working dogs, modern Rotties are active and energetic. Therefore, daily physical exercise is essential for their well-being.

But after going on walks daily for a couple of years, it got boring for Thor and me. So I started discovering various ways to exercise him.

Here’s a list of the 13 best creative exercises for your rottweiler:

1. Use A Laser Pointer

Get yourself a laser pointer! Rottweilers enjoy chasing objects, and a laser pointer can keep them occupied while still entertaining you.

You’re in for a treat if you’ve never seen a dog go after a laser pointer! It is a fun way to exercise your Rottweiler.

However, this activity for occasional use only, as it can lead to behavioral issues if done too often. I usually use a laser pointer once a month.

2. Hide the Toy

hide a toy

Hide a treat or toy anywhere in the house and reward your dog for finding it. Search games are a lot of fun for you and your Rotty.

But you have to train your dog to find the reward first, which you can do by teaching him how to fetch. It is a fun exercise for your Rottweiler.

3. Exercise with Frozen Bottles

Fill an empty bottle with water and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours. Then, take your Rottweiler outside and throw the frozen bottle. It is a fun summertime exercise for your Rottweiler.

It’s cold, wet, and difficult to grab for a dog. But, on those hot summer afternoons, it will keep them entertained.

4. Playing Fetch


Fetch is a fun activity that you can do at a part, in your yard, or at your house too. You can use a ball, a rope toy, a frisbee, a stuffed toy, or simply a stick.

It will keep you busy as well as amused. It’s also a great way to teach your dog to return to you and release the target so you can throw it again, so it’s not just a fun activity but also a helpful training tool.

5. Take A Stroll

rottweiler walking

Put on your Rottweiler’s collar and leash and go for a walk! You can take them for a walk around the road, to the park, or on a hike. It will also aid in the socialization of your dog.

6. Organize An Obstacle Course

You can create an obstacle course both inside and outside. If you’re playing indoors, you can set up a course for your dog using your furniture. Make a tunnel out of your couch cushions for them to run through. You can use a small footstool as a jumping object if you have one. Set up items for them to weave in and out of as well.

Obstacles are a fun exercise for your Rottweiler, and they love it.

7. Play Tug Of War

Tug of war is a friendly game for you and your dog. When playing this game, rope toys are the best toy to use. It’s a game that you can play with your dog both inside and outside.

Take hold of something, and don’t let go! But proceed with caution. When attempting to reach the other end of the toy, Rottweilers may be unaware of their strength and drag you to the ground or bite your hand. So be aware while exercising your Rottweiler.

8. Play In A Group

rott with his friend

Invite some friends and their dogs to join you for some fun! You may all congregate in one of your yards or a park. Let the dogs run around and have fun!

You should all go for a run and have a good time teaching them vital social skills. It is also an excellent opportunity to catch up with mates!

When exercising your Rottweiler with other dogs, you must understand how to read his body language and calming signals; otherwise, he may become stressed, unhappy, or even violent without you even realizing it.

9. Go For A Run

rottweiler running

If you jog regularly, you can kill two birds with one stone by including your Rottweiler in fun. Consider exercising your Rottweiler to be your training partner as well. Energetic dog breeds like rottweilers make excellent running/jogging companions with a bit of preparation!

Keep in mind your dog’s current level of exercise and skill. You will need to increase your dog’s pace or distance gradually.

10. A Visit To The Dog Park

Rottweiler exercising in dog park

Finding a nearby dog park is an excellent way to provide exercise and stimulation to your dog with minimal effort on your part.

You’ll soon learn that your local dog park is busier, allowing you to schedule trips when there will be more dogs to play with and exercise.

11. Go Swimming

rottweiler swimming in water

If your dog loves swimming, this is a great way to get your dog some exercise with minimal effort on your part. It’s also excellent for those scorching summer days.

Swimming is one of the best exercises for your Rottweiler as it can make them healthy and strong. Look up nearby ponds or lakes with trail access on the internet. As long as it isn’t a drinking water tank, you should be fine.

12. Nose Work

rott smells

Exercise your Rottweiler by working on their nose. Any game that involves hiding an item for your dog to locate is considered nose work.

It’s cool because you can play it both inside and outside. Train your dog to sniff and find objects by their smell. Don’t worry; it’s not that difficult to teach.

13. Play Flyball

Flyball is another high-intensity sport. Dogs compete in a four-horse race down a course. A box with tennis balls sits at the end of the first leg. The dog must stamp on this box to release a ball, then take the ball back to the starting line while jumping the hurdles.

The following dog takes off after he or she crosses the starting line. The objective is to be the quickest team without incurring any penalties. Dropping the ball or a dog sprinting down the course before his or her teammate reaches the starting line are examples of punishments.

Playing Flyball is a fun exercise for your Rottweiler, and they will enjoy doing it.

Final Thoughts

To stay healthy, strong, and in shape, every Rottweiler requires playtime and exercise. So, if you’re not doing anything else right now, throw your dog’s toy or take a walk with them.

It will undoubtedly keep you both happy and safe. So, make sure to exercise your Rottweiler regularly to ensure that your dog is exhausted before bedtime.

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