9 Best Shampoos for Rottweiler Puppies – Groomer’s Recommendations

Shampooing is an essential part of puppy Grooming. However, it is crucial to select a good-quality canine shampoo that is not too harsh for your rottweiler puppy.

After consulting a friend of mine who is a Pet Groomer, I made this list of 9 shampoos for a rottweiler puppy.

1. Oatmeal Aloe Natural Pet Shampoo

This dog shampoo protects your dog from lice, fleas, tick infections, and itching. Its antiseptic and anti-bacterial cleansing eliminates germs and improves overall skin hygiene.

  • Has deodorizing properties to eliminate foul odor.
  • pH-balanced for blocking skin damage in pets.
  • Inhibits the formation of dandruff on your pet’s skin and hair coat.

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2. Tropiclean Shed Control Shampoo

Dog owners looking for shampoos with no added fragrances should consider buying Tropiclean Shed Control Shampoo. It has aloe vera extract and vitamin E that make your dog feel refreshed after every shower.

  • Packed with natural botanical activities of coconut, jojoba oil, lime extract, pomegranate extract, and oatmeal to prevent skin irritation.
  • Has anti-bacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties.
  • Free from parabens.

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3. Arm & Hammer Super Deodorizing Shampoo

Arm & Hammer Shampoo products are infused with baking soda that naturally deodorizes and cleanses your dog. It Is gentle on the skin too.

  • Made from coconut, kiwi, lavender, rosemary, and honey extract.
  • Paraben-free with neutral pH.
  • Leaves the skin coat gleaming, smooth, and tangle-free.

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4. Pet Head Oatmeal Natural Shampoo

This shampoo by Pet Head has extracts of aloe vera, vitamin E, and vitamin c that helps to keep the dog’s coat smooth and healthy. It also has moisturizing properties for relieving dryness and restoring natural luster.

  • Free from all petroleum derivatives.
  • A mild formula that doesn’t harm your pet if licked or swallowed.
  • Natural oatmeal helps to heal old bruises and skin irritations.

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5. Healthy Breeds Tearless Puppy Shampoo

Blended with a special natural mixture, Healthy Breeds Shampoo gives your dog a wonderful aromatic fragrance. It cleanses and moisturizes even the most brittle coat, leaving the dog’s fur smooth.

  • Contains aloe vera, lanolin, and gentle proteins for maintaining a soft, fluffy coat.
  • Can also be with topical flea control products.
  • Mild formula is suitable for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

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6. Wahls Dry Skin Relief Shampoo

Wahls Dry Skin Relief Shampoo has lemongrass, sage, and aloe to reduce shedding and dander. It is manufactured from natural plant-based ingredients, such as lemongrass, aloe vera, sage extracts, etc., suitable for dog owners who prefer non-chemical products.

  • Generates thick lather with a small quantity of shampoo to cover more area and add luster to the coat.
  • Shed-reducing formula, made with lemongrass and sage, helps in effectively reducing the excess shedding of the dog’s coat.
  • Soothes, moisturizes, and reduces skin and coat itchiness.

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7. Burt’s Bees Natural Shampoos

Burt’s Bees’ natural shampoo provides the best possible cleaning results and sensation to your dog. This gentle cleanser is processed using natural oils and extracts that do not irritate or inflame the eyes or nose of your dog.

  • Nourishes fur, improves fur shine and softness, reduces shedding.
  • Ingredients like lavender, green tea relaxes, de-stresses, and calms the dog.
  • Enriched with antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

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8. Pet Honesty Antibacterial & Antifungal shampoo

Chlorhexidine & ketoconazole in Pet Honestly shampoo effectively treat fungal and bacterial skin conditions like yeast, mange, acne, ringworm, and pyoderma. It uses a pH-balanced formula for sensitive skin.

  • Non-toxic, non-alcoholic, paraben-free, and cruelty-free shampoo.
  • Adds shine and luster.
  • Made from natural ingredients that are absolutely safe and healthy for your dog.

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9. Nature’s Specialties Smelly Pet Shampoo

Nature’s Specialities shampoo contains aloe vera, vitamins A, D & E, silk proteins, essential oils, and light fragrance. In addition, it is specially curated with enzymes for treating bad odor-causing skin diseases, such as yeast infection and eczema.

  • Adds sheen and luster to the dog’s coat.
  • Helps in removing undercoat dirt.
  • Has a balanced pH formula.

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Buyers Guide for Rottweilers Shampoos

With so many variants and brands of dog shampoos available in the market, it becomes difficult to decide which one will be best for your pet. However, here are some factors that you can consider before making a purchase decision:

  • Keeps Coat Shiny and Healthy: Rottweilers have double fur-coating. However, their undercoat is shorter and more prominent on the neck and upper leg region. In addition, their upper coat is long and needs more attention. Thus, you should buy a shampoo that helps in keeping the rottweiler’s coat healthy and maintains its shine.
  • Protects from Skin Infection: Rottweilers are reported to have sensitive skin. Therefore, they easily get infected with diseases like dermatitis, cysts, otitis externa, etc. Hence, the shampoo should have pathogen-protecting elements.
  • Should be Gentle on Skin: The sensitive skin of rottweilers make them more prone to skin irritation and hypersensitivity. Their shampoo should be free from chemical constituents and maintain the perfect pH balance to avoid such conditions.
  • Should Not Cause Skin Allergies: If you are trying a new brand or different type of shampoo, it is recommended to do a patch test over 24 hours before using it regularly. This will tell you whether the shampoo is causing any skin allergy to your puppy or not.

Evaluate your options carefully, and pick the best shampoo for your puppy to keep your fur baby happy and healthy.

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