9 Best Shock Collars for Rottweilers

Rottweilers are intellegent and obidient dogs. However, due to negative past experiences or inadequate training, they can become a loose cannon. This is when shock collars can be beneficial.

Shock collars, aka Training collars, can help curve the bad behavior of your rottweiler. But it is essential to select a collar that doesn’t hurt your dog.

Let’s look into some of the best shock collars for your Rottweiler.

1. PetSpy Dog Training Collar (Most Popular)

PetSpy M686 dog collars come with a receiver, remote, charger, test light, lanyard, and two capped contact points. The collar strap is made from nylon coated with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane).

This protects the collar from breakage and provides high tensile strength.

  • It can be used within the range of 1,100 yards.
  • Has four training modes with eight adjustable levels: beep trainer, vibration, 1-second shock, continuous shock.
  • It can be used on dogs weighing up to 140 lbs.

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2. PATPET Dog Training Collar (Best Overall)

The PATPET, dog collar package includes two receivers, one remote with a wrist strap, eight contact points, eight conductive silicone, four metal contact sheets, one charging adapter along with cable, and a test light. You can use it on dogs weighing between 10 to 140 lbs.

  • Can be operated up to a range of 3,000 ft or 1,000 yards.
  • Remote buttons are designed in a specific way to enable blind operation.
  • Has four training modes: 16 adjustable shock levels, vibration, and beep.

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3. NVK Shock Collars (Budget-Friendly)

NVK shock collars have four channels and three training modes: beep, vibration (1 to 9 levels), and shock (1 to 99 levels).

It comes with a receiver, handheld remote, wrist strap, two long contact points, four conductive silicone caps, test light, user manual, and a charging cable.

  • Option of security lock to avoid accidental shocks
  • Works within a range of 1,600 ft
  • Can train different dogs using one collar without reset since it has four memory settings.

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4. GroovyPetsTraining Shock Collar (For Two Dogs)

This collar contains two modes, one for training a single dog and the other to train two dogs simultaneously. It has one remote controller with a lanyard and two collar strap receivers in addition to test light, charger, and a manual.

  • The transmitter is fitted with an LCD.
  • Vibration/shock automatically stops after 10 seconds.
  • The receiver works well within the range of 650 yards from the transmitter.

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5. Ace Teah Dog Training Collar

Receivers of Ace Teah training collar have a reflective strap on the collar so that you can easily spot your dog in the dark. In addition, this shock collar has four training modes: static shock and vibration mode with 1 – 99 levels, standard tone mode, and LED light mode.

  • The remote can transmit a signal to the receiver up to 2,600 ft or 875 yards.
  • Option to use the same settings for both dogs or individual settings for each dog.
  • Shock heads can be removed if not in use.

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6. TBI Pro Dog Training Collar

Weighing just 5.3 ounces, TBI Pro Dog Training Collar comes with one bark collar and a remote transmitter. Remote has an LCD screen to ensure better control of collar settings.

  • Vibration and shock mode can be adjusted within 1 to 100 levels.
  • Has a beep mode too
  • The collar can receive signals for up to 1,600 ft
  • Water-resistant receiver

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7. Slopehill Dog Training Collar

The Slopehill Training Collar has a voice recording option apart from the usual beep, shock, and vibration mode. You also get the option of training three dogs simultaneously or individually.

  • Allows sound recording of up to four seconds
  • The maximum transmission range is 500 yards.
  • Shock and vibration intensity can be adjusted between 1 to 9 levels.

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8. Petrainer Dog Shock Collar

Petrainer Dog Shock Collar’s components include a transmitter, receiver, test bulb, charging cable, and three contact points. The collar size can be adjusted between six to 25 inches.

  • The receiver works within 1,000 ft or 330 yards of the transmitter.
  • Three types of simulations available: static (up to 100 levels), vibration (1 to 100 level), and standard tone.
  • Silicone coating to prevent skin irritation.

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9. FunnyPets Dog Training Collar

Fitted with a soft rubber cap static shock head, the FunnyPets shock collar is designed to stop skin burns. In addition, it has a built-in LED light to help you locate your dog even in the dark.

  • The transmitter can control the receiver up to 2,600 ft.
  • Four training modes: standard tones, vibration (1 to 99 level), shock (1 to 99 level), and LED light.
  • The collar is made from reflective nylon material.

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Buyers Guide

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while purchasing a shock collar for your rottweiler:

  • Well-fitted Neck Collar: Collar should fit perfectly on the neck of the rottweiler, leaving a space big enough to fit two fingers.
  • Durable Fabric: Buy durable collars made from quality fabric to avoid easy breakage.
  • Should Prevent Skin Damage: It should not cause irritation or rashes on your dog’s neck and must be comfortable to wear.
  • Suitable for Dark Environment: Look out for collars with LED lights or reflective surfaces as they help identify dogs in dim lighting.

A variety of shock collars are available in the market with different specifications. Your choice should depend upon the purpose of training and the comfort of the dog.

Final Thoughts

While Shock collars are a popular method to discipline a dog, I personally do not prefer them, and neither do various dog experts. I think positive reinforcement is the best way to teach good behavior to your rottweiler. However, it’s your decision. But please make sure to keep the shock setting at the lowest and use it as a last resort.

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