Can Two Rottweilers Live Together?

It’s not uncommon for owners to consider getting a companion for their rottweiler. We all know Rottweilers love their owners, but what about another dog?

Can two Rottweilers live together?

Two Rottweilers of the opposite sex can live together happily in the same household. However, raising two rottweilers of the same gender can lead to various behavioral problems. In either case, early socialization, training, and alpha human influence are crucial.

But it highly depends on the personality and nature of the dog. Let’s understand the temperament of rottweilers and how you can use it to raise two Rotties.

Understanding the Temperament of Rottweilers

To understand whether or not you can raise two rottweilers, it is crucial to understand this breed’s temperament.

In the past, they were owned by farmers for herding cattle. Farmers would also use them to pull carts around the market to sell things.

This made them incredibly loyal to their owners. They may not be friendly with strangers, but they are extremely loving and affectionate towards their family. A long history of working with humans has also made them obedient.

After selling things in the market, farmers would tie their money around the rottweiler’s neck to protect it from thieves.

This gave them a high drive to protect things. That’s the reason why Rottweilers are considered one of the best Guard Dogs. They can naturally protect their owners as well as the house.

However, farmers usually didn’t require more than one Rottweiler.

They never got a chance to work in packs.

Do two Rottweilers get along?

two rottweilers

You may get mesmerized by the cuteness of rottweiler puppies and may want to get more than one. I can totally understand. Two rotties playing with each other is probably the most adorable thing.

However, the chances are high that these two playful puppies can grow up to be arch enemies. It won’t be long for their playful puppy fights to turn into serious fights.

Rottweilers are strong and dominant in nature. They have a high drive to protect their things. Two rottweilers who live together will start competing with each other for everything.

This is more common when the two rottweilers are of the same sex.

And two strong dogs constantly fighting with each other is the last thing owners want in the house.

Two Male Rottweilers

It is less likely for two male rottweilers to get along with each other. Male rottweilers are more dominant in nature. Both of them will continuously try to prove their dominance over the other.

Two Female Rottweilers

If you think two female rottweiler may get along due to their submissive nature, then you are wrong.

No, two female rottweilers cannot live together. They are more protective than male rottweilers. Both of them will try to compete for various things like toys, food, and even for the owner’s attention.

One Male and One Female rottweiler

This is a much safer bet than the above options. Rottweilers of the opposite sex can get along with each other. However, you will need to start socializing and training them from an early age.

You will need to make sure to prove your dominance over them. Raising them as puppies can make them codependent on each other, and they may not consider you as their alpha.

But this does not mean that it is impossible to raise two rottweilers of the same gender. Every dog has a different personality. It highly depends on the nature and temperament of both the rottweilers.

Owning Two Rottweilers – The Right Way!

As we discussed above, owning two rottweilers of the same gender may not be a good idea. But you can raise two rottweilers of the opposite sex in the same household.

However, there are a few things you will have to do to avoid any behavioral issues.

Early Adaptation

The ideal situation to raise two rottweilers of the opposite sex would be to bring them home when they are puppies.

Puppies are open to new experiences. It will be much easier for you to teach them the correct way to live with each other at such a tender age.

Set the Hierarchy

For both the rottweilers to listen to you, they first need to see you as their leader. You will need to make it clear that you are the alpha among the three of you.


Socialization is an integral part of every dog’s training. It is a process of exposing the puppy to different people, dogs, animals, and environments.

Well-socialized dogs are more comfortable in the presence of another dog in the household.


Training brings discipline. Without proper training, a rottweiler can develop a lot of behavior issues, including aggression.

Start the training from their puppyhood. Use positive reinforcements like treats to teach them commands and tricks.


The majority of canine behavior problems are caused due to lack of exercise.

Rotties are an energetic breed. Failing to release their energy can lead to destructive behavior. So take them outside for long walks twice a day. Exhausted Rottweiler equals a happy rottweiler.

Patience is the key

You will need to be calm but firm while raising your rottweilers. Do not lose your patience and never use any negative training methods.

Equal Attention

You are not allowed to have favorites while raising two dogs. Give them equal attention and care.

Final Thoughts

Owning two rottweilers won’t be easy, but it’s not difficult either. You just need to be willing to put effort into raising them.

And don’t be shy to take professional help if you cannot manage them.

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