Do Rottweilers like to Cuddle

While there are dog breeds that love to cuddle their owners, there are breeds that prefer to be independent. So what about our Rotties? Do Rottweilers like to cuddle?

Generally, Rottweilers like to cuddle with their human companions. They are instinctively loyal and protective, and being close to their owners makes them feel content. But all dogs have different personalities, so some rottweilers may not enjoy cuddling as much as others.

Further, we will look into reasons why rottweilers like to cuddle and reasons why they don’t. I will also show you a method to make your dog cuddle-friendly.

Why do Rottweilers Like to Cuddle?

There are quite a few reasons why rottweilers cuddle you or your family members. Let’s have a look at them.

Display Affection

Rottweilers were bred to work with their human companions. This made them naturally loyal and affectionate towards their owners.

Rotties may seem tough with all their muscles, but they are a sweetheart from inside. Well, socialized Rottweilers do not shy to show affection to their family.

However, every dog has a different personality, and each one has its own way of displaying affection. Some may lean on lean you; others may jump on the bed and snuggle in your blanket.

Few ways Rottweilers show affection:

  • Cuddle you.
  • Try to fit in your lap.
  • Snuggle inside your blanket.
  • Lean on you.
  • Put their paw on you.
  • Lick your face or hand.

Feel Safe

Rottweilers are known for being courageous and fearless, but they feel vulnerable while sleeping. That’s why they often prefer cuddling next to someone they trust wholeheartedly.

You may have noticed your Rotties leaning next to you or laying on you while sleeping. It’s because this makes them feel safer.

They may come close to you or jump on you when they are scared or stressed.

Protect you

Rottweilers are protective of their owners and territory. It’s their instinct. In simple terms, they feel happy to protect you. That’s the reason why Rottweilers are considered as one of the best guard dogs.

By sitting close to you, they are doing their duty to protect you. This is common when you and your rottweiler spend a night at an unknown place.

Fun Fact: Due to their motherly instinct, female Rottweilers are more likely to cuddle you and make sure you remain safe.

Last summer, we moved to a new house. For the first few nights, my Rotties laid right next to me on my bed. He wouldn’t leave me alone around the house until after few days when he started trusting the new place.

Share body heat

Rotties have short fur, and they can get chilly in winters. They may cuddle you or snuggle in your blanket to share body heat and feel warm.


Rottweilers can become super cuddly when they are not feeling well. This is because they don’t know what to do when they are sick.

They get scared when weird things are happening inside their body, and they cannot do anything about it. Cuddling is their way of asking for help.

Reasons why Rottweiler may not cuddle you

You may be concerned if your Rottweiler doesn’t like to cuddle you. Well, while most Rotties love to cuddle their owners, some don’t. And it’s totally fine.

This doesn’t mean that your dog doesn’t love you. There are more than one reasons why a rottweiler may not like to cuddle their owners.


Not every human being has the same personality, do we? It’s no different for dogs. Every individual dog has its own personality.

While most rottweilers like to cuddle their human companions, some equally adorable Rotts are a little more independent.

It’s Hot

Dogs often cuddle us to share body heat in winters. And cuddling in summers can get hot for them.

On winter nights, my Rottie leans next to me and sleeps on my bed. But in summer afternoons, he sleeps on the floor because the bed and my body heat are too hot for him.

Poor Socialization

Socialization is an integral part of every dog’s training. It is a process of exposing the puppy to different people, animals, and environments.

Rottweilers who didn’t get to socialize properly with humans in their puppyhood prefer not to cuddle.

It is essential to spend time with your dog during their puppyhood, introduce them to new people, teach them to correct way to interact with humans.


Dogs react differently to their illnesses. While some Rotties may become cuddly when they are sick, some prefer to stay away from everyone.

If you suspect that your dog has suddenly become less responsive to your touch, then have him checked by your vet immediately.

How to make your Rottweiler Cuddle-Friendly

You must teach your Rottweiler puppy to be comfortable with a human touch. And associate good things with cuddling. This will ensure that your pup grows up to be a cuddle-friendly dog.

And if your Rottie is in his adulthood and doesn’t like to cuddle you, you can still use the below method to be more comfortable displaying his affection. However, it may take a longer time, so be patient.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a training method in which you reward your dog for good behavior. These rewards could be treats, toys, praises, or anything that makes them happy.

Use these positive motivators to teach them how to interact with you. Start by showing a treat to your rottweiler and gentle run your hand on his back. Give him the treat if he stays calm and doesn’t react.

Do this every day and take things slow. Soon your Rottie will be comfortable being close to you.

Treat him every time he shows any type of physical affection towards you.

Early interaction

To make your rottweiler cuddle friendly, interact with them right from their puppyhood. Play with them, train them, teach them commands. Ask all your family members to do these things.

This will make your Rottie comfortable interacting with you and your family members.

Do not use Punishments

Punishing dogs for bad behavior can make them fearful of their owners.

The best way to correct bad behavior is by using positive reinforcement. Motivate them to behave properly by rewarding them instead of using punishments.

Final Thoughts

Most rottweilers like to cuddle their owners, but if yours doesn’t, then it totally okay. Try the above method, and if it doesn’t work, you will just have to accept it. Not all dogs like to cuddle, but this doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

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