9 Signs your Rottweiler is Overweight

Rottweilers are generally big because of their bone structure and genetics. Due to their build, you may have a hard time realizing that they are already overweight. So is my Rottweiler Overweight?

Your rottweiler is overweight if it has more than 20% body fat. Try to feel the spine and rib cage of your rottweiler without applying too much pressure. If it is difficult to feel them, then your dog has some extra weight to shred.

To make things easier, I listed down common signs of an overweight rottie.

1. Their bodies don’t have definitions

Try looking at your Rottweiler. You should be able to see a clear definition of their bodies. In general, Rotties have a large rib cage and a big chest. From there, it slims down to their waist, where you can see the hips.

If you can’t see any of these details and instead see a tube-like body shape, then your Rottweiler is overweight.

2. Their abdomens are prominent

Healthy dogs have an abdominal tuck, even for Rottweilers. To see their abdominal tuck, look at them at the side. If what you see is a protruding abdomen instead, it only means that your Rottweiler is carrying extra pounds.

If that’s the case, you need to start giving them a healthy diet and helping them exercise.

3. They cannot groom themselves properly

Rottweilers that have trouble licking or scratching themselves are clear signs that they are overweight. Since they are excessively round, they cannot groom themselves, especially their private body parts.

If you have noticed these signs, consult a vet to start a proper diet plan and exercise routine.

4. They are not as active as they usually are

Rottweilers are known to be active and intelligent dogs. Despite their big built, they can do a lot of physical activities for long hours. So if you notice that your once active Rottie has slowed down and has been staying indoors for most of the time, that might only mean that they are gaining extra pounds than they should have.

This may sound simple, but another way to tell your Rottie has gone overweight is when they refuse to go upstairs. This is because their overly fat body has a hard time keeping up with any simple activity.

If your Rottie is having a hard time getting on the couch, they are overweight.

5. They refuse to do any activity with you anymore

This includes simple activities such as going for a walk. When a Rottweiler is overweight, that means that their body is working twice as hard to keep up with the demands of their body.

Their heart has to pump harder to make sure that each body part has enough supply of oxygenated blood. Also, their muscles are carrying extra weight.  This sense of apathy only means that your dog is too heavy.

6. They have a difficult breathing

If you have noticed that your Rottie is breathing excessively after a short walk, that only means that they have gained too much weight that is intended.

Remember that being overweight can cause several damaging issues to their body. You need to change up their diet and exercise routine to keep their weight in check.

7. They have less stamina

Poor stamina means that your Rottie can still do the same activities but in only less amount of time. For instance, if your fur baby could play with you for hours before cannot survive a 30-minute playtime now, that should be enough to tell you that they have gone overweight.

Since Rottweilers are known to be gluttons, you should control their diet to ensure they are not overeating. Also, make sure that your Rottie is following an exercise routine to keep their weight healthy and increase their stamina.

8. Their weight is higher than intended for their age

While the first thing you want to know if your Rottweiler is overweight is to weigh them, you must keep in mind that all dogs are unique and different. Therefore, you should not compare your Rottie’s weight to other dogs.

Rottweilers have a large build. It’s normal for them to be bigger than other dog breeds in the same age bracket. That is why owners need to have a Rottweiler growth chart in their home. That way, you can see if you are on the right track in raising your Rottie. You can get the chart from your local veterinary.

Once you have the chart, weigh your dog and record it. According to the chart, if your Rottweiler weighs 5 to 19 percent higher than they should be, that means they are overweight. You may need to lessen the amount of food that they eat and make sure that they do a healthy amount of physical activities during the day.

However, if your dog is 20% heavier than how they should be, you have to take proper and greater measures. It is best to seek advice from your vet. Drastic changes in diet and exercise to your Rottie without proper medical consultation can damage your fur baby.

9. You cannot feel their ribs

A popular way to know if your dog is overweight is doing the so-called rib test. To do the test, you need to feel the ribs of your Rottie by running your hands to their abdomen and flanks.  Yes, there may be a little bit of fat around this area, but if you can still feel their rib, that means their weight is okay.

However, if you really cannot feel any of their ribs due to the fat that has piled up over time, then you have to take action to help them reach their healthy weight.

Final Thoughts

Obesity is a severe problem not only for Rottweilers but also for all dogs. It is damaging to their overall health and may lessen their already short lifespan.

As pet owners, you should be vigilant in looking for signs that show they are getting overweight. Consult a vet right away to know the proper steps of dealing with your Rottweiler’s obesity.

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