10 Things Rottweilers Are Scared Of

Weighing at around 110 to 130 pounds and standing 24–27 inches tall, it’s easy to believe that nothing could scare a Rottweiler. But Rottweilers are highly sensitive, and just like any other breed, Rottweilers are affected by certain things.

Different dogs may have different reactions to certain objects. It is not necessary that if one Rottweiler is scared of something, then your Rottweiler will be scared of it too.

However, there are some common things Rottweilers are Scared of:

1. Scared of Thunder


It is common for dogs, even Rottweilers, to be afraid of extremely loud sudden noises such as thunder. The sound of thunder can take your dog by surprise.

Dogs have no way of predicting when it is going to thunder, and when it does, it can make them jump or be ratified entirely. Seeing your dog cower in fear is no pleasant sight.

Solution: Talk with your Rottie to calm him. Close all the windows and doors to minimize the sound.

2. Scared of Being Alone

rottweiler lonely

You may have noticed that your dog may start to look scared or even desperate when you are leaving the house. Sometimes they tend to get hyper with fear and start barking uncontrollably.

Rottweilers are sensitive dogs, and they can get very anxious at the thought of being left alone.

Solution: Teach your rottweiler to be alone without getting anxious. Start slowly by leaving your dog alone for a minute and gradually increase the time.

3. Scared of Cars

rottweiler in car

It has been observed that most dogs don’t precisely enjoy car rides. They either tend to stick their head out of the window or get restless during the entire journey.

Rottweilers are no exception to this. Sometimes you may also notice that car rides may give your Rottweiler motion sickness, which will only worsen his fear of car rides for the next time.

Solution: Use treats to motivate him to get into the car—associate positive things with cars. For example, take your Rottie to his favorite dog park in the car.

4. Scared of Vets

rottweiler vet

Dogs’ fear of paying a visit to the veterinarian is too well known. Your Rottweiler may thrash around and throw a huge tantrum while going to the vet. Tantrums like these usually stem from fears.

Dogs may not like going to the vet because of the weird medicinal smells present there, or the fact they may have to be handled with restraints, or they may be afraid of needles like most humans are. It may also result from a prior negative experience.

Some dogs also associate illness or discomfort with going to a vet that can fuel their fear.

Solution: Take your Rottie to a vet for a casual visit. Ask the receptionist to give him a treat, or ask the vet to play with your dog.

5. Scared of Stairways


You may not see this very often, but sometimes dogs are found to be afraid of going up and down a staircase. While it is easier to address this fear in young puppies, it gets tougher to deal with as they grow older.

Solution: If your Rottweiler has not been exposed to staircases from a young age, then he can have developed a fear of them.

6. Scared of Strangers

scared rottweiler

It is not uncommon for a Rottweiler, or any dog for that matter, to start barking unstoppably at people whom he may not recognize. Pet dogs are comfortable in their home and amongst their family.

With an exception made for certain friends they have gotten accustomed to, they do not take kindly to strangers or people they haven’t met before.

7. Scared of Fireworks


Most dogs tend to get rattled by sudden loud noises. And talking of sudden loud noises, the first thing that comes to mind is fireworks.

During the 4th of July, most dogs are found either cowering their houses or barking excessively because of the loud noises of fireworks. Dogs have an ultra-sensitive hearing, which is why these loud noises tend to affect them a lot more than they affect us.

Solution: Calm your rottweiler—close windows and door.

8. Scared of Kids


Rottweiler pups often tend to run away in the opposite direction from little kids. Sometimes if a kid has not been around animals or is just misbehaved, he or she may pull a dog’s tail or act too rough with it.

This can create fear in all kids. However, if a Rottweiler is brought into a house with children, he will learn to love them and vice versa.

Solution: A proper socialization from puppyhood is necessary.

9. Scared of Cages

rottweiler in cage

Not only Rottweilers, but all dogs are terrified of being trapped in a cage. Rottweilers love the outdoors and take absolute pleasure in running around freely to their heart’s content.

If a Rottweiler sees a cage or any restraints, he is bound to get terrified.

10. Scared of other Dogs


Rottweilers can be aggressive dogs in certain situations. If they come in contact with another dog who may not seem friendly to them, they will start to bark or even try to fight with them.

This barking reaction stems from fear, meaning they are afraid of the hostility that the other dog is showing. With a friendly dog, however, Rottweilers are known to be gentler and much more likable.

Final Thoughts

It is not uncommon for rottweilers to be afraid of certain things. They feel emotions such as fear just as prominently as we humans do. But these fears don’t make them any less amazing.

Your dog is a part of your life, of your home, and of your heart. He understands you in a way that no one else does. Your dog accepts you with all your fears and flaws and certainly deserves the same from you.

All dogs are uniquely different from each other. A Rottweiler is said to be among the bravest of dog breeds. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t feel fear at all. Rottweilers too are fearful of some things, and as an owner, it would be advisable that you recognize what those things are.

Fears can be overcome, and you can try and help your Rottweiler get over his fears to ensure that he isn’t troubled by them in the future. However, fears are also part and parcel of life. It’s totally fine if your Rottweiler to be unable to get over a particular fear. With some gentle patience and love, your dog can learn to deal with its fears too.

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