12 Reasons why Rottweilers are the WORST Dogs?

Have you ever heard someone say, “Rottweilers are the WORST dogs?”

Trust me, I have. But before you freak out, let’s break it down together.

See, my neighbor, Mr. Johnson, he’s got this Rottweiler named Bruno. Bruno is a big dog, kind of like a bear with a wagging tail. He’s massive and muscular and he has this deep, gruff bark that can make your heart skip a beat. But here’s the thing: Bruno is also the sweetest dog you’d ever meet. He’s just misunderstood.

So, when someone says, “Rottweilers are the WORST dogs,” what they really mean is there are some things about Rotties, like Bruno, that can be challenging for people. But hey, no dog breed is perfect, right?

So here are 12 reasons why Rottweilers are the WORST Dogs!

They’re Intimidating

Rottweilers are physically impressive dogs. Their size and muscular build can be a bit overwhelming. They’re not like those little fluffy dogs that you can scoop up with one hand. No, Rottweilers are the kind of dogs that make you think of a pro wrestler or a bodybuilder.

And that can be intimidating for some people. Plus, that deep bark of theirs? It’s got a bass note that could shake the windows.

This intimidation factor can cause people, especially those who aren’t familiar with Rottweilers, to be nervous or fearful around them.

They’re Super Active

Rottweilers are not just all about the brawn; they’ve got a lot of bounce too. These dogs were bred to herd livestock and pull carts, so they have a ton of energy.

They’re not the type to laze around the house all day. If you’ve got a Rottie, you’re going to need to keep up with them. They love to run, play fetch, and explore.

So, if your idea of a perfect day is chilling on the couch, a Rottweiler might not be the best companion for you. These dogs need exercise to stay healthy and happy, and if they don’t get it, they can start causing trouble at home, like chewing on your favorite shoes or digging up the backyard.

They Need Firm Training

Training a Rottweiler is not like training a Golden Retriever. Rottweilers are smart and strong-willed, which can be a great combination, but it also means they need a firm and consistent trainer. You have to be clear about the rules and stick to them.

If you let a Rottie get away with something once, they’ll try to do it again. And if you don’t handle their training right, you could end up with a stubborn, unruly dog on your hands.

But don’t let that scare you! Rottweilers are eager to please and love learning, so with the right approach, you can turn them into the best-behaved dog on the block.

They can be Protective

Rottweilers are natural protectors. They’re bred to guard, and they take that job seriously. That means if they see someone they don’t recognize near their home or their family, they might bark or act standoffish.

This protective nature can sometimes come off as aggressive, especially if the dog isn’t well socialized. If a Rottweiler isn’t exposed to a variety of people, places, and situations, they can become overly protective, which can lead to problems.

However, with good socialization and training, a Rottie can learn to be discerning about what’s a real threat and what’s not.

They’re Strong

When we say Rottweilers are strong, we’re not just talking about their physical strength (though that is definitely part of it).

They’re also strong-willed. When a Rottweiler sets its mind on something, it can be a challenge to redirect them.

Whether it’s pulling on a leash during walks, insisting on fetching the ball one more time, or wanting to stay out longer on a chilly day, their tenacity can be a handful.

They Can Be Misunderstood

Because of their tough exterior and reputation, Rottweilers are often misunderstood. Many people may judge them based on stereotypes rather than getting to know them.

This can create difficulties for Rottweiler owners who may face bias or restrictions, such as breed-specific legislation in certain areas.

They’re Not Always Great With Other Animals

Rottweilers can be territorial and sometimes don’t get along well with other animals, especially of the same sex.

This can make situations like dog park visits or living with multiple pets a challenge. Of course, this isn’t true for all Rottweilers, and with proper socialization and training, many can live peacefully with other pets.

They Have Health Issues

Rottweilers are prone to certain health issues like hip and elbow dysplasia, heart conditions, and certain types of cancer. These issues can not only affect the dog’s quality of life but can also lead to expensive vet bills.

Prospective Rottweiler owners should be aware of these potential health problems and be prepared for the possibility of higher-than-average healthcare costs for their dog.

Rottweilers, like any breed, have their quirks and challenges. But with a little understanding and a lot of love, these dogs can make wonderful, loyal, and loving pets. They’re definitely not the worst dogs, but they’re a breed that needs a responsible and committed owner.