11 Reasons Why Your Rottweiler Is Not Eating

There could be many reasons why your dog, in general, is not eating. For a breed like a rottweiler that never stops eating, such an instance could be a sign of a health problem. Being a pet owner, it is your responsibility to find out the reason behind this. Here are some of the possible reasons why your Rottweiler is not Eating:

1. Bored with his present Food Diet

Dogs are like humans, and they also get tired of consuming the same diet every day. If this is a reason, he will lose interest, and you should try giving him different food.

It is quite common amount rottweilers to lose their appetite because they are bored with eating the same food every day.

If that’s the case, try making his dog food interesting by adding some flavors. Try adding a piece of apples or bananas. You can even add some scraps of meat and notice the change in his behavior.

2. Medication or vaccination

Some medications can lead to loss of appetite in dogs, but it is a temporary situation. In this circumstance, your dog may not feel like eating food for a day or two.

But the effects get eliminated after a time, and he will start consuming food again.

3. Dental issues

Dental issues can be the reason why your foodie rottweiler suddenly stopped eating.

Check for bleeding or swollen in their gums. Gingivitis, oral tumors, and periodontal diseases cause pain while consuming food, so they avoid it. Check with the veterinarian and provide necessary medication to the dog.

4. Upset stomach

Sometimes, the upset stomach can be a reason for your dog not having food. It happens when your dog consumes something he is not supposed to.

A well-trained dog can also get tempted to gobble up curious objects, bugs, etc. This can cause gastrointestinal problems.

When they eat such things, they can face some stomach issues and even vomit. They can also experience diarrhea, which is why they avoid having food till they get better.

5. Spoiled food

Even though the food is manufactured for a long shelf-life, it may not always be in the right state. The worst part is when you cannot identify that the food has become old.

If the dog food has developed a bad smell, or has become soggy, it’s better to buy a new one.

To avoid this, never buy dog food in bulk. Instead, prefer stocking up dog food for no more than a month.

6. Low-Quality Dog Food

The quality of food that you are giving your Rottweiler is a vital consideration. It happens when you get a cheaper quality product from the shop. The food may have a lesser amount of protein compared to what dogs require. That’s why; it is unappetizing, and making abrupt changes can lead to loss of appetite.

According to a dog expert, it is always said that you should feed high-quality fresh food to your furry friend.

7. Stress or Anxiety

Rottweilers can refuse to eat if they are stressed or anxious. One common occurrence of this instance is when the Rottie don’t see their owners around.

Rottweilers were bred to work beside their owners. Due to this, they have inherited a strong bond with their owners. Not seeing their loved ones around can make them anxious.

8. A picky eater

While some rottweilers would eat anything you give them, some equally adorable Rotties are very picky with what they swallow down their throat.

Picky eaters prefer to have certain types of foods and eliminate others. In that way, if you include the things that the dog does not like, he will refuse to eat them.

9. Overfeeding

Treats are the best way to shower some extra love on your Rottweiler. While you should make your dog feel special at times, it can lead to overfeeding. Remember, treats should not be more than 10% of the daily calories and must be supplied in a small quantity throughout the day.

In that way, the appetite will not get affected, and the habit of consuming too many treats will not develop.

10 Bad habits

Giving extra food or adding some snacks to their food can sometimes take a wrong turn. It happens when they no longer want to eat their food and prefer the ones that you eat.

That’s why; you should give human food in the desired quantity so similar situations do not appear. It is always important to train them to eat regular dog food.

11. Sickness

Like human beings, dogs may not feel well at some point in time. During those times, they may prefer to take a rest or sleep for a while. However, serious issues like kidney failure, cancer, and infection can be dangerous. It will have a harmful impact on their diet. Call your vet at the earliest in such situations.

Final Thoughts

Being a caring Rottweiler Owner, it can be worrisome when our dog stops eating food. But in such situations, it is essential to stay observant, supportive, and diligent.

The best way to deal with this problem is to call your veterinarian and ask for advice.

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