rottweiler with blue eyes

Can Rottweilers Have Blue Eyes?

We all know how amazing Huskies look with their blue eyes. But what about our Rotties? Do Rottweilers have Blue Eyes? Rottweilers can have blue eyes due to a genetic …

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are rottweiler teritorial

Are Rottweilers Territorial?

 If you are looking into the Rottweiler breed and wondering whether your prospective puppy will be a suitable property guardian or already have a Rottweiler puppy and want to know …

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playful rottweiler

Are Rottweilers playful?

Rottweilers are fierce dogs with muscular bodies. They are capable of protecting their owners and guarding the house. But are Rottweilers Playful? Even though Rottweilers are favored for strength, protectiveness, …

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two rottweiler

Can Two Rottweilers Live Together?

It’s not uncommon for owners to consider getting a companion for their rottweiler. We all know Rottweilers love their owners, but what about another dog? Can two Rottweilers live together? …

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Rottweiler swimming

Are Rottweilers Good Swimmers?

While most dogs can swim, some breeds like Labradors are just better than others. So, where do our beloved Rotties stand? Are rottweilers good swimmers? Rottweilers can swim, but they …

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Rottweiler cuddling owner

Do Rottweilers like to Cuddle

While there are dog breeds that love to cuddle their owners, there are breeds that prefer to be independent. So what about our Rotties? Do Rottweilers like to cuddle? Generally, …

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protective rottweiler

Are Rottweilers Protective?

Rottweilers are loyal, affectionate, and loving dogs. They are one of the most obedient breeds. But are Rottweilers Protective? Rottweilers are known for being naturally protective of their owners and …

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Friendly rottweiler

Are Rottweilers Friendly?

A friend of mine decided to get a Rottweiler. But he is a father and had some doubts about the friendliness of this breed. So are Rottweilers friendly? Rottweilers are …

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