5 Unique Exercises for your Rottweiler

Rottweilers are energetic dogs, with adults requiring 80 minutes a day to stay in good shape and to keep out of trouble. While your Rottie already loves to fetch, if you’d like to mix things up a bit then we have some guaranteed Rottweiler favorites that you can try with your furry best friend.  

Let’s take a look at the 5 best exercises for Rottweilers to keep both of you amused!

Tug of war

Tug of war is always a classic and while you could certainly improvise a piece of rope to do this task, it’s usually better to go with the thick pet store variety. The problem with rope is that it tends to be too thin, and this can be a bit abrasive if you pull and your dog loses their grip for a moment. 

To play tug of war, simply show your dog the rope and brush their mouth with it until they try to give it a chew. Once they do, tug lightly, and if your dog tugs back then you are both in for a great time!

Flirt pole

A flirt pole can give your Rottweiler a lot of fun exercise. These toys consist of a short pole, with a rope on one end, that you can attach a toy too. The way that you use it is simple. Hold it up so that your dog can see the toy and when they try to get it, you can move it away in a circular motion.

Your dog will run after it, sometimes jumping for it, and to keep things fair you should let them catch it every now and again – just make sure when you get the toy back, that you don’t try to take it with your hand.

It is better to distract your dog with a treat or a simple command, such as sit, so that you don’t accidentally get chewed if your dog is still feeling aggressive. It’s good exercise for both of you and lots of fun, so be sure to get a flirt pole for play – they’re well worth it!

Frozen fetch

Fetch is an old favorite for many dogs but sometimes it’s hot outside. What can you do?! Well, Frozen fetch is a great way to let your Rottie play their favorite game while helping them to keep cool at the same time. 

All you need to play frozen fetch is a 20-ounce plastic bottle, which you’ll clean out and then add water to. Stick it in your freezer and when it’s time to go to the park, you’ve officially got a frozen fetch toy that your Rottweiler will absolutely love. Just be sure to take plenty of water breaks and keep a towel nearby that you can wet with some ice-water as well to put on your Rottie when it’s time to cool down.

It’s always best to play it safe in the summer, after all!

Hide the toy

Did you know that you can teach your Rottweiler to find toys? Playing ‘Hide the toy’ is not only a fun game for the two of you to share, but it’s also sure to get a smile out of your friends. To teach this game to your Rottie, simply get one of your dog’s favorite toys and put a little space between you and your dog, so that you are close to something that you can use to obstruct their view of the toy.

Hold up the toy so that your dog can see it and then quickly put it behind the object, and say ‘find it!’ in a friendly, excited tone. Step away from the object that the toy is behind and point at the area, saying ‘find it!’ again.

When your dog goes and gets the toy, then be sure to give them a treat, and simply repeat the process adding more and more distance. Eventually, you’ll be able to hide the toy in the backyard without your dog seeing it, and when you tell them ‘find it!’ then your Rottweiler will know exactly what to do!

Congratulations – your dog has learned a new command and a brand-new game that you can both enjoy!

Laser chase

One of the easiest games that you can play with your Rottweiler just requires a cheap laser pointer and will amuse you both for hours! To play Laser chase, just purchase your laser pointer at a local department store or online and once you’ve got it, simply turn it on and move it across the floor to get your dog’s attention. 

Rotties are naturally curious like we are, and when your dog sees the red dot moving along the floor, then they are going to try to catch it for a closer look. It’s simple, and fun, and your dog won’t get tired of it as long as you take breaks to give them a treat and a little affection.

Just be sure NEVER to point the laser in your dog’s eyes – this can damage them – and don’t play this game in a room with anything fragile nearby. Provided you stick to the rules, then we hope you have a great time playing Laser chase!

Some closing words

Making sure that your Rottweiler gets enough exercise is always a good thing. It keeps them happy, and healthy, and also keeps boredom at bay – and we all know what kind of trouble a bored Rottweiler can get into! But here are some more ways to exercise your rottweiler.

So, if the fetch is getting a little old, then give one or more of these exercises a try and see what happens. It’s always good to keep things FRESH!  

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