do rottweilers attack their owners

Do Rottweilers Attack Their Owners?

For potential pet parents, the Rottweiler’s robust physical traits and strong-willed personality can be intimidating. You might have heard about these dogs attacking other people. But do Rottweilers attack their …

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Rottweiler eating cheese

Can Rottweilers Eat Cheese?

To answer your question in brief – YES, Rottweilers can eat cheese, and actually – cheese bits can be a great treat while you are training your puppy. However, like …

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Rottweiler be vegetarian

Can Rottweilers be Vegetarian

If you are a vegetarian, you might not be okay feeding a meat-based diet to your Rottweiler. But can Rottweilers be Vegetarian? Rottweilers can be vegetarian and live a healthy …

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two rottweiler

Can Two Rottweilers Live Together?

It’s not uncommon for owners to consider getting a companion for their rottweiler. We all know Rottweilers love their owners, but what about another dog? Can two Rottweilers live together? …

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Rottweiler swimming

Are Rottweilers Good Swimmers?

While most dogs can swim, some breeds like Labradors are just better than others. So, where do our beloved Rotties stand? Are rottweilers good swimmers? Rottweilers can swim, but they …

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Rottweiler cuddling owner

Do Rottweilers like to Cuddle

While there are dog breeds that love to cuddle their owners, there are breeds that prefer to be independent. So what about our Rotties? Do Rottweilers like to cuddle? Generally, …

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protective rottweiler

Are Rottweilers Protective?

Rottweilers are loyal, affectionate, and loving dogs. They are one of the most obedient breeds. But are Rottweilers Protective? Rottweilers are known for being naturally protective of their owners and …

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obedient rottweilers

Are Rottweilers Obedient?

We all know how loyal and affectionate Rottweilers are, but what about their obedience! Are rottweilers Obedient? Rottweilers are extremely obedient dogs. Being one of the most intelligent dog breeds, …

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Friendly rottweiler

Are Rottweilers Friendly?

A friend of mine decided to get a Rottweiler. But he is a father and had some doubts about the friendliness of this breed. So are Rottweilers friendly? Rottweilers are …

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